The "Golden Ratio"

The Fibonacci sequence is often referred to as the Fibonacci spiral or golden ratio. It is a mathematical sequence of numbers that roll out in perfect ratios. It is evident throughout nature in such things as pinecones, sea shells, tree branches, and flower petals. It is also reflected in many human endeavors including the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Parthenon, and the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.


Healthcare Environment maximizes outcomes

Within Healthcare Environment, we believe healthcare operations and processes can be constructed with similar harmony, beauty and efficiency that maximizes outcomes for all within the environment. This requires measuring how healthcare staff operate and move within the work environment, including measurement of behavior, operations and physical structure. The pursuit of the golden ratio in healthcare begins with the measurement of caring.

When all within the environment care for self and others, they begin to collaboratively develop models of measurement, interpret data for respecification of more accurate and increasingly complex models to understand how behavior and structure impacts patient outcomes. Accurate models of measurement and subsequent refinement of healthcare will theoretically reveal the golden ratio not only for the physical structure, but for the positioning and movement of healthcare operatives as they interact to provide patient care.

Caring Intelligence

The cooperative within Healthcare Environment increases the probability of realizing patterns of efficiency and optimizing outcomes as each participating organization leverages their respective expertise in partnerships of cooperation.

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