Adaptive Technology

Technology built to evolve and not break the bank

Healthcare Environment Data and Survey Software (HEDSS)

Our HIPAA-compliant software is designed to supplement existing data collection software to ensure the models of measurement are accurate in measuring the outcomes of interest.

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Interface and Extraction

You will never feel like we are “another thing to do.” We leverage your existing data structures to create the most specified model possible to address your outcome of interest. Then we use HEDSS and our other measures to measure behavior and complete the models. Since behaviors and variables crossect many outcomes, each outcome model we set up is easier and less time consuming than the ones preceding it. The final result is an elegant system—owned by your organization—that allows you to continually improve every outcome.

Use technology that can adapt rather than increasing friction

Healthcare Environment works with organizations to create technology and data roadmaps so that they can begin realizing the value of predictive analytics with their current technologies. We work with current research teams and information technology as a resource. Our technology team is up-to-date with leading technology options that benefit you without requiring exhorbitant expenditures.