Job Satisfaction

Our proprietary and proven instrument
accurately measures nurse job satisfaction
in the context of your organization

Job Satisfaction

We use the Healthcare Environment Survey (HES), which is the most extensively tested job satisfaction measure for nurses globally. A 19-item measure diagnoses the 6 dimensions that comprises 82% of job satisfaction. Diagnosing the strengths and needs of the unit is where prioritization and operational refinement begin.


Profile of Caring™

Once a profile of your staff is assembled using our carefully designed, contextualized, and scientifically tested measures, you can use it to study what staff behaviors have the most significant and consistent impact on specific patient outcomes (i.e., falls reductions, etc.).

Measuring Clarity

Our international model has revealed that “clarity of role” and “clarity of system” consistently predict 30-50% of the variance of nurse job satisfaction. Organizations that discover their clarity is low can implement orientation and re-orientation to role and system for staff members with low scores. We have provided an example of how we found this to be true in a study (2019) of 2,000 nurses working in acute care in eight countries (Brazil, Canada, China, Israel, Scotland, Slovenia, Turkey, and USA). We are currently replicating this study across several additional countries.