Science for Smarter Decisions

Our rigorous and proven scientific methodologies and models ensure you have the knowledge to make decisions that deliver the results you expect

The Noise of Analytics and Big Data

There are multitudes of software vendors, consultants, and data providers claiming to provide data solutions and predictive analytics. But look beneath the marketing hype and buzzwords, and you'll most often find irregularity, incomplete and inaccurate data, invalid assumptions, and simple formulas based on bias.


Good Science precedes Insight

There is no doubt that relevant data and expert analysis has immense value. Using scientific methodologies to create contextual models that are accurate in predicting outcomes is not simple or obvious. This doesn't mean you have to recreate the proverbial wheel. With our experience and expertise, we work with you to deliver to create a reliable and sustainable foundation for true analytics.

Smarter Decisions

Even the most experienced and intelligent professionals in healthcare risk making poor decisions if based solely on hunches and anecdotal data. We recognize your expertise and equip you with the best analysis using your data and contexts and augmenting with Healthcare Environment's experience and proven processes. You can make decisions with confidence and clarity that will significantly improve outcomes and operations.